Mystery Box Sale!
Mystery Box Sale!
Mystery Box Sale!

Mystery Box Sale!

The Willamette Candle Co.
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We are in the process of putting together several Mystery Candle Boxes!  We will curate different types of fragrances that we are sure you will enjoy. 

Each box will contain four candles (2 large - 8 ounce and 2 small - 4 ounce) in a variety of fragrances - some with unique blends,  off-season scents, some with a popular fragrance. Once we are sold out of Mystery Boxes we won't be assembling more, so grab yours before they run out. 

Retail price for each box is $48.

We are selling our Mystery Boxes for $30 with free shipping!  Use code freeship at checkout  

And if you want to add additional candles in with the free shipping we can do that too!  

*Unfortunately no other coupons can be applied since these boxes are discounted.