The Willamette Candle Co.

Citronella Candle


Help keep those mosquitoes at bay with our Citronella candles! A top note of lemon peel adds a boost of citrus to the lemongrass heart.

Citronella candles work great for picnics, camping and backyard barbecues. The green and herbal scent is both refreshing and functional.

And we offer them in the cute steel buckets below! They are approximately 9 ounces!

The candle is infused with natural essential oils including citronella, eucalyptus and geranium. 

100% Soy Wax, 100% Cotton Wicks with fragrance oils packaged in a steel tin with lid.

We offer our candles in many different sizes and containers.

Our most popular sizes are in steel tins with lids. We offer 4 and 8 ounces.

4 ounce tins - Height: 1.75", Diameter: 2.56" 

8 ounce tins - Height: 2.00", Diameter: 2.95"


We also offer our 12 ounce status jars which are made of glass and come with a black metal lid. The dimension on this jar is Height: 3.25", Diameter: 3.03".

Our tea lights are poured into a plastic tea light container and are Height: .75", Diameter: 1.50".

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