Our Passion


Welcome to our online shop!

I grew to love candles from my mom. She loved all different kinds of fragrances and had candles that matched the seasons or holidays she enjoyed. Her favorite was Bayberry.  I made candles when I was a teen, but didn't like the fragrances that were available at that time, so I gave up.

Fast forward (quite) a few years and I found that candle fragrances have not only gotten so much better, but actually believable as to what they are supposed to represent.  You can smell a fragrance and it can transport you to another time or era. It can help re-live childhood memories of family dinners or the tropical drinks you enjoyed on vacation.

That is what I hope to do with my shop. Recreate those favorite memories in a candle that you are sure to enjoy.

We are a family owned business and we work together to bring to you the best quality product possible.

Thank you for taking a look and we hope to see you soon!

Julie and Jason Reincke


Our Values

We believe in making quality products. 

We believe fragrances should be beautiful and not overbearing.

We believe in supporting our local resources and sourcing products locally.

We believe in fair wages.

We support LGBTQIA, all races, religions and the ability to be one's true self.

Black Lives Matter to us and we hope they do to you too  

We are a Woman and disabled Veteran owned business.