Hello and Welcome!

My name is Julie and I'm the Owner and Co-Founder of The Willamette Candle Co. We are based in Rio Rancho, NM.

The Willamette Candle Co's name came from the Willamette Valley in Oregon which is where I grew up. Willamette comes from the Kalapuya tribe in Oregon and is agriculturally rich in Oregon wine country. The Willamette Valley instills a sense of purity, all natural and clean living and we wanted to embrace that with our line. 

I grew to love candles from my mom. She loved all different kinds of fragrances and had candles that matched the seasons or holidays she enjoyed. Her favorite was Bayberry.  I made candles when I was a teen, but didn't like the fragrances that were available at that time, so I gave up.

Fast forward a few years and I found that candle fragrances have not only gotten so much better, but actually smell wonderful.  You can smell a fragrance and it can transport you to another time or era. 

That is what I hope to do with my shop. Recreate those favorite memories in a candle that you are sure to enjoy. All while using renewable resources that are safe to use around you and your loved ones and that are made in the USA. 

Our candles are made from 100% Soy Wax (which is a veggie and vegan) and 100% Cotton Wick with no fillers. The soy wax comes from our Midwest farmers and is a renewable resource as well as the cotton wicks. Our fragrances are made with a base oil and essential oils and do not contain phthalates or any other chemicals that could harm you. Our tins are USA steel and can be cleaned and reused for other non-food purposes.

We are a family owned business and we work together to bring to you the best quality product possible.

Thank you for taking a look and we hope to see you soon!

Julie and Jason Reincke

PS - Some of my favorite candles are Blood Orange, Fraser Fir, and Cashmere Plum. Jason's favorite candles are Egyptian Amber (aka Full Moon), Wassail, and Christmas Hearth


Our Values

We believe in making quality products. 

We believe fragrances should enhance a space and not overbearing.

We believe in supporting our local resources and sourcing products locally.

We believe in fair wages.

We support LGBTQIA, all races, religions and the ability to be one's true self.

Black Lives Matter to us and we hope they do to you too  

We are a Woman and disabled Veteran owned business.