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Please see our FAQ for more information about our products and company.

    • What are ingredients do you use in your candles?
      • The Willamette Candle Co.’s candles are hand poured using 100% natural soy wax, from produced and sustainably grown soybeans in the USA. Our soy wax burns cleanly and slowly and is the best choice for scented candles. Plus, soy wax is eco-friendly, renewable, sustainable, and carbon-neutral.  
      • The fragrance oils that we source are Phthalate free and do not require a Prop 65 warning. Most of the scents use essential oils and burn cleanly in soy wax. The fragrances are designed to enhance and not overwhelm a standard sized room. In larger rooms, fragrance will be widely dispersed and not as fragrant. 
    • Why does my soy wax candle...
      • Become bumpy after burning?  This is typical with soy wax and not a defect of the candle. Soy wax burns differently than paragon and beeswax. It’s a bit temperamental out of the three, and this bumpiness happens when the candle cools down inconsistently. It will not affect your candle or the fragrance. 
      • Look a different color?  We have chosen to not use color dyes in our candles so that we can keep them at their purest level. With that in mind, some fragrances have oils that when heated that can turn the wax a different color than the common white color. This is normal and does not affect the burn rate or fragrance of the candle. 
    • How long will my candle last if I haven't used it yet?  We recommend burning your candle within a 2 year time frame of purchase. While the candle should still smell nice after 2 years there are some oils that can make it turn and the fragrance not as good.
    • Is your packaging recyclable? Do you use recycled packaging?
      • To stay as eco-friendly as possible, we use recycled materials to ship. Your order will arrive in a recycled, recyclable box with biodegradable, plant-based packing peanuts.
      • You can discard the packing peanuts after shipping by putting them in a bucket, add water and they will dissolve. Pour the biodegradable solution down the drain and you have saved our landfills from filling up.
      • Once you have completely used the candle, you can get the extra wax out by sticking it upside down in an oven, preheated at 200 degrees, on a baking sheet covered with tin foil. This will help the wax drain. Once it comes out of the oven (after 2-3 minutes) wipe clean and wash/dry then remove the wick which is stuck to the tin with a sticker. Now you have a reusable tin (just don’t put food products in it).
      • If you have any questions or other tips about recycling our products and packaging, please let us know. 
    • How often will new products be added to your website?
      • We strive to add new candles every month and as new fragrances come out. We want to keep up with the changing seasons, but also have classic candle fragrances as well as other popular candles.
    • Where can I find out more information about shipping?
      • Right now we ship all over the world.
      • We try to ship as soon as we can. Typically within 48 hours. You have a choice of which service you would like to use for shipping. All of our candles are in stock and ready to go. You can find more about our shipping policy here
    • Do you have a Privacy Policy?
      • We do! You can read our policy here.
    • Can I work with you to host your candles in our online store or brick and mortar store?
      • Yes! That would be fantastic! Please read our Wholesale Page inquiry here.
    • Do you offer custom orders?
      • Yes we do! We have more information here on custom orders. 
    • How can I check on my order status?
      • You can check on your order here.