Covid-19 Prevention Policy

We love our customers and our community so we want to do our part to create the safest in an online shopping experience we can.

We regularly clean all work surfaces and materials used throughout the day. We use only CDC approved cleaning products for hard surfaces.

Our team members (my husband and I) clean our hands before and after making candles, shipping and frequently throughout the day. We do not work if we are ill or have any of the virus symptoms.

We respect the 6 foot social distancing guidelines. We will social distance as we go outside of our business and home. 

All items that are purchased online have been sanitized with the CDC approved methods. The team member packing up your items will have sanitized their hands properly while packing up your order. We work with suppliers who follow the same strict guidelines as we do and follow the same principles.

We also make sure to social distance during delivery of your parcel to USPS, UPS or FedEx.

We thank you for your support and look forward to shopping with you  online soon!